Russian Federation says Syria chemical attack 'staged' by White Helmets

Russian Federation says Syria chemical attack 'staged' by White Helmets

Russian Federation says Syria chemical attack 'staged' by White Helmets

President Donald Trump signaled that a USA missile strike on Syria is imminent after a suspected chemical attack killed dozens of civilians in Douma, northeast of the capital Damascus, over the weekend.

In a pair of tweets this afternoon, President Trump warned Russian Federation to "get ready" for a U.S. missiles strike, adding "because they will be coming; nice and new and smart".

Trump said earlier this month - before the weekend's suspected chemical attack on civilians at the hands of the Assad regime - that he wanted to withdraw USA troops from Syria.

According to a Reuters report this morning, Russia's ambassador to Lebanon has promised to shoot down any missiles fired by the Syria.

When Trump says "smart" missiles, he means missiles that use precision guidance systems based on lasers or satellite-powered GPS to pinpoint and strike targets with exactitude.

Yet Trump broke his own rule with this tweet, letting Russia, Syria, and the rest of the world know that a missile strike is on the way.

The Eurocontrol airspace organisation said that the European Aviation Safety Agency had sent a Rapid Alert Notification that flight operators needed to consider the possibility of air or missile strikes on Syria.

In a follow-up tweet, Trump said America's relationship with Russian Federation "is worse now than it has ever been".

Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya votes to veto a U.S. draft resolution to create a new inquiry to find blame for the chemical weapons attack last week in Douma
Video Russia vetoes Syria chemical weapons inquiry

Mr. Trump called out Putin along with the leadership in Iran for backing Assad, who he referred to as "Animal Assad".

In London, Mrs May said all the indications pointed to Syrian government responsibility for the Douma attack.

Trump has been monitoring the situation in Syria since an attack Saturday that killed dozens and injured up to 500 people in Douma, a town in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta.

After Assad's most recent alleged attack, Trump said that "nothing is off the table".

Trump has also promised time and time again that he doesn't telegraph United States military moves because doing so gives the enemy an unnecessary advantage.

Bolivia, one of 10 non-permanent council members and a strong supporter of Russian Federation, requested the meeting to address "the recent escalation of rhetoric regarding Syria and the threat of the use of unilateral actions", according to the request sent Wednesday and seen by AFP.

Trump did, however, suggest that he would attempt to increase pressure on Assad's allies in Russian Federation and Iran, tweeting Sunday that there would be a "big price to pay" for those who support the Syrian government.

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