Sorry night owls, here is why you need to stop sleeping late

Sorry night owls, here is why you need to stop sleeping late

Sorry night owls, here is why you need to stop sleeping late

After adjusting for factors such as sleep duration, body mass index, sex, ethnicity, age, and smoking status, researchers concluded that the risk of dying for those who claimed to be night owls or "definitely evening times" were higher by 10 percent compared to "definitely a morning type".

The researchers asked participants, who were aged between 38 and 73, to classify themselves as one of four types - a "definite morning type", a "moderate morning type", a "moderate evening type" or a "definite evening type".

It was the 9 percent of people who said they were "definite" evening types who had the 10 percent increase risk of dying from something over the next six or so years.

The researchers, from University of Surrey in England and Northwestern University in Chicago, also found that night owls were more likely to have health problems like diabetes, neurological problems and respiratory disorders.

"This first report of increased mortality in evening types is consistent with previous reports of increased levels of cardiometabolic risk factors in this group", the study reads.

The higher risk may be because "people who are up late have an internal biological clock that doesn't match their external environment", said Ms Knutson. "There are a whole variety of unhealthy behaviors related to being up late in the dark by yourself".

"We should discuss allowing evening types to start and finish work later, where practical".

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Even more, passing towards the daylight saving time coincides with a higher incidence of heart attacks and for the late risers is more hard to adapt to the change, say the researchers.

Knutson suggests that night owls aren't doomed. You should also work to get in bed earlier, Knutson said, and try to run errands closer to the beginning of the day if possible. "Part of it you dont have any control over and part of it you might". The study also found evening types also had higher risks for conditions such as diabetes or psychological disorders. According to the researchers of the current study, this can be done through small but significant changes such as keeping a regular bedtime, opting for exposure to morning light, and doing things earlier in the day.

"If you can recognise these (types) are, in part, genetically determined and not just a character flaw, jobs and work hours could have more flexibility for owls", she said.

Research conducted on nearly half a million people suggest night owls are at risk of various diseases and early death.

'They shouldn't be forced to get up for an 8am shift. "Then we'll see if we get improvements in blood pressure and overall health", she said.

The inclination to live as a night owl or morning person might not be by choice.

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