Starbucks to give racial sensitivity training after viral arrest video

Starbucks to give racial sensitivity training after viral arrest video

Starbucks to give racial sensitivity training after viral arrest video

In a recent announcement, Starbucks said they would close all of its stores in the United States on May 29 for employees to go through racial-bias training, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. He told "Good Morning America" the employee who called the police no longer works at the store.

Johnson has apologized for the "reprehensible" arrests of the two men in Philadelphia on Thursday and took personal responsibility for the incident.

The (estimated) cost could well be worth it for the coffee behemoth, as it faces opprobrium in its home - and biggest - market after a manager summoned police after two men waited at a Starbucks table without ordering. The incident illustrated the bias that can affect even the most normal activities such as meeting someone for coffee in the U.S. public spaces.

Starbucks-licensed outlets, such as those found in colleges or supermarkets, or inside other retail outlets, are not included among the 8,000-plus company-owned stores confirmed to be closing in Starbucks' announcement, and not required to close.

Earlier this week, Starbucks began a review of its training and practices to make important reforms where necessary to ensure the stores always represent their Mission and Values, by providing a safe and inclusive environment for customers and partners.

Almost 175,000 partners and employees across the country will be trained while the program will be part of the onboarding process for new partners. Schultz said that there's a possibility the two men could end up working with the company.

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Separately, a Facebook video taken in January at a Starbucks in California shows a black customer saying that he was not allowed to use the bathroom when a white customer was.

Shuttering all stores for an afternoon can be a costly proposition for a company.

Philadelphia Police late on Tuesday released the series of calls that led to their arrests.

Another incident at an LA county California Starbucks location further exposed the need for implicit bias training.

The Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations is also investigating.

The men were arrested for trespassing but no charges were filed. Starbucks has not yet specified the number of hours it would be shutting the stores on May 29.

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