T'Challa Appears in Hilarious 'Black Jeopardy' Sketch on 'SNL'

T'Challa Appears in Hilarious 'Black Jeopardy' Sketch on 'SNL'

T'Challa Appears in Hilarious 'Black Jeopardy' Sketch on 'SNL'

In his opening monologue, naturally, there was no escaping "Black Panther" as he joked about having to wait two months to host the show after the debut of the year's biggest film. "Well, this might be the blackest Black Jeopardy yet", Darnell exclaims after introducing T'Challa. T'Challa serves as king of Wakanda, the technologically advanced, idealized and fictional African country.

The cultural nuances and norms of black America, however, were lost on the superhero. For example, his answer to "This is the reason your cable bill in your grand mama's name" was to honor her as the foundation as the family. That's wrong. Leslie Jones interjects the correct answer: "I'm fidna to get a auto and I don't need that on my credit". "It's wrong, but it's really nice". "Anybody else?" the host asks. "That's because I play a world leader in the movie, they think I want to play the leader of the free world, but who wants that job?"

It takes a little while for T'Challa to fully understand the concept of the game, but when he gets there, he is fully on board.

At one point in the "Black Jeopady" skit, he was asked what one should do if a police officer comes asking for more information following a string of robberies. "After all, our ministers of law enforcement are only here to protect us".

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"I mean, " Hayes scrunches up his face, "it should be?"

Fortunately for Black Panther, he finally starts to get it when he picks one of the clues in the "White People" category: "Your friend Karen brings her potato salad to your cookout".

"It is noble she would volunteer to cook for everyone, and although I have never had potato salad, " he continues, "I sense that this white woman does not season her food". So, something tells me that I should say: Aw hell naw, Karen!

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