The Boston Connections To The New Museum On Racism In Alabama

The Boston Connections To The New Museum On Racism In Alabama

The Boston Connections To The New Museum On Racism In Alabama

The National Memorial for Peace and Justice, a six-acre site overlooking the Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery opened to the public on Thursday.

"Along with the U.S. Civil Rights Trail, the Rosa Parks Museum, and other historic sites in Montgomery, the National Memorial for Peace and Justice uses the lessons learned from our past as a model for healing and sustainable economic growth that will give visitors from around the world a truer understanding of our history". "It's people in distress", Stevenson told NPR. "And I think it's important for us to do this as an organization that has created an identity that is as disassociated from punishment as possible".

Stevenson also wants the memorial to be a point of reconciliation for the descedants of the victims.

Why does Mr. Stevenson say that people do not want to admit wrongdoing in America, and what is his goal for the country? "It wasn't safe to talk about all of that anguish".

Stevenson and a small group of lawyers spent years immersing themselves in archives and county libraries to document the thousands of racial terror lynchings across the South.

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The new memorial includes 6-foot pillars meant to replicate the way victims were hanged.

Identical monuments in the surrounding field are "waiting to be claimed and installed in the counties they represent", the museum website said. The organization has documented over 4000 lynchings from 1877 to 1950.

Sculptures of black men and women in chains are also displayed. "There's a lot of tension", Steven said. We deal with these huge disparities in our criminal justice system.

In a plain brown building sits an office run by the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles, a place for people who have been held accountable for their crimes and duly expressed remorse. "This shadow can not be lifted until we shine the light of truth on the destructive violence that shaped our nation, [traumatized] people of [color] and compromised our commitment to the rule of law and to equal justice".

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