Austin-area Boy Scouts leader reacts to name change

Austin-area Boy Scouts leader reacts to name change

Austin-area Boy Scouts leader reacts to name change

"Girl Scouts is the premier leadership development organization for girls", Sylvia Acevedo, CEO of Girl Scouts of the US, said in a statement. So far, around 3,000 females have joined the Cub Scouts. The group as a whole will remain Boy Scouts of America, but when it comes to their program, they will be dropping boy and changing it to Scouts BSA.

Girl Scouts' CEO fired back at the name-change announcement, saying, "We are, and will remain, the first choice for girls and parents".

The Boy Scouts are getting rid of the word "boy" in their name.

"The name is part of a rebranding effort to reflect the group's historic decision past year to accept girls".

The Boy Scouts of America announced previous year that it would welcome girls for the first time in its century-long history.

Scout Me In, that's the name of Boy Scouts of America's latest recruitment campaign.

What's wrong with boys having their own organization (that goes for girls also)? "How soon before they change the name to People Scouts?"

"We wanted to land on something that evokes the past but also conveys the inclusive nature of the program going forward", Chief Scout Executive Mike Surbaugh said.

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"They will have the opportunity to earn the same ranks and participate in the same activities as the boys who participate now in that program". Instead of simply showing Scouts participating in activities, the campaign brings the young viewer into the middle of the action - from fishing, biking and canoeing to launching rockets and making slime - where they get even closer to the experiences that Scouting brings to life. "If it's not them, it might be us".

Boy Scout officials say more than 3,000 girls across the country have already enrolled and are now participating in the Cub Scout program that is co-ed.

"Three older boys in the boy scouts, and I have one younger boy in the cub scouts", Thomas said.

The name change, although a very small change, is, according to Walsh, a very big deal and it should be very upsetting to see an "iconic" organization destroying itself by "bending to the whims of the PC leftist mob".

The new name will be Scouts: BSA.

NEW YORK (AP) - The Boy Scouts are getting a name change. Girls are already allowed to be in the Cub Scouts.

Surbaugh explained that single-sex units will ensure that girls will not have to compete with boys for leadership positions.

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