Fortnite Season 4 arrives

Fortnite Season 4 arrives

Fortnite Season 4 arrives

A comet crashes into and destroys Dusty Depot - now called Dusty Divot as a result - instead of the expected Tilted Towers.

First, when you jump from the battle bus, ignore any urges to visit the brand new Dusty Divot location and keep flying towards Loot Lake. Players will find a good amount of loot hidden around the new studio, most of which centered around the studio rooms, helicopter crash site, and huge green screen.

Further, the post says that the comet has left a mark on the island and players would find glowing rocks nearby. Comet shards can now be found across the map, and these can be used by players to lift them up for some low-gravity fun.

With regards to its cultural impact, MarketWatch notes that the developers of Fortnite Battle Royale appear to have figured out the formula for making a hit video game for 2018. One of the most notable skins is the famous space suit that's even featured in game's cover page on Twitch. Like season 3, season 4 will include new costumes, a new Battle Pass and likely some added features, but it'll also resolve the mystery of the meteors that have been striking the ground in recent weeks. Many of these additions are inspired by superhero and comic book imagery, including the Omega Legendary outfit that is awarded to players who unlock every tier this season. What are your thoughts on Fortnite Season 4?

Soon after Epic Games launched the free-to-play Battle Royale mode to accompany the Save the World campaign and quickly players were hooked. Now only one warehouse is whole, a second is careening on a crater, and the third ... well, it's gone.

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After weeks of a enormous comet teasing an impending doom, Fortnite has launched Season 4. Alongside these mysterious crystals you can inhale, there's eight letters littered across the map, that when put together, spell FORTNITE.

Headshots are now prioritized when other body parts are in the way.

Rewards are split into tiers, with the more time played netting better rewards.

Naturally, a new season means a new Fortnite: Battle Royale Battle Pass. Season 4 has witnessed art releases such as magical headgear and a slew of intense glares. It feels like the main fighting goes on at this area and then you fight for survival the rest of the way. Exploring the map to see what's different should be an exciting endeavor for Fortnite veterans, and these new areas that have been added with the comet's landing are definitely worth exploring.

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