Most Germans support reforms... to a point — Macron's EU

Most Germans support reforms... to a point — Macron's EU

Most Germans support reforms... to a point — Macron's EU

This was done despite all efforts of European leaders to convince Trump to stay in. In addition there was no clarity over whether the U.S. would acknowledge existing agreements.

Which explains why France will now seek to put the emphasis on other subjects, such as immigration, security, defense and promoting overall European unity in dealing with mounting global challenges.

"Companies are anxious that they will lose United States business as a result of trading with Iran", the DIHK said.

Merkel stated that Germany, together with France and the United Kingdom will continue to fulfil the commitments undertaken in the framework of the signed in 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran. The three leaders said they would remain parties to the JCPOA. "We urge all sides to remain committed to its full implementation and to act in a spirit of responsibility", the leaders said in a statement.

"There are areas beyond the (nuclear) accord that we must talk about", she said.

Trump's withdrawal from the Paris agreement, the Iran deal and the prospect of a trade war suggests German needs Europe.

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President Trump's decision will further complicate the geopolitical situation around Iran.

A spokesman for the prime minister told reporters, "We condemn Iran's attack on Israel".

Famed fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld is quite furious over the political state of his home country Germany, so much so that in an interview on Thursday with France's Le Point, he went so far as threatening to give up his German citizenship.

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman claimed they have destroyed "almost all" of Iran's military infrastructure in Syria in response to the rocket attacks. "We call on Russian Federation to use its influence in Syria to prevent further Iranian attacks". "We'll deal with this at the European Union level with the United States". The December 2017-January 2018 mass demonstrations in different Iranian cities proved the growing discontent among the Iranian population. It will also strengthen the positions of foreign policy hardliners in Iran who argue that any negotiations with the U.S. are senseless, as Washington can't be trusted. "They must take a decision on whether the nuclear deal is to continue independently of the USA - which would be the best solution on all sides", VDMA managing director Thilo Brodtmann said.

While Iran's arch foes Israel and Saudi Arabia welcomed Trump's decision, other signatories to the existing deal - Russia, China and the European Union - vowed to stick by it.

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