Pope Francis thinking of moment to say farewell

Pope Francis thinking of moment to say farewell

Pope Francis thinking of moment to say farewell

"I am not saying that perhaps we have made mistakes".

"Firstly, we want to share our pain and shame", said Bishop Fernando Ramos, a spokesman for the Chilean delegation.

The objective of the meeting, according to the Press Office of the Vatican, is to analyze the causes and consequences of the sexual abuses, of power, and of consciousness in Chile over the past few decades, as well as the mechanisms that led, in some cases, to covering up and serious omissions of the victims.

Possible measures include removing bishops, reforming seminaries and paying financial reparation to victims.

When a bishop leaves a diocese, he should give an honest assessment of what he has done and where he has fallen short, but mostly he should encourage people to follow the Lord, Pope Francis said.

The unprecedented summoning of the Chilean delegation is also a chance for Francis to fix some of the damage done during his visit to Chile in January, when his defense of controversial Chilean bishop Juan Barros caused a public outcry.

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"Pain because there are victims of sex abuse, and shame because these abuses occurred within the Church", he told reporters.

Juan Carlos Cruz and others said that Barros witnessed his being abused by Fr Fernando Karadima in the 1980s, and did nothing about it.

Pope Francis admitted he made "grave errors of judgement" in the case and blamed a "lack of truthful and balanced information" for his missteps.

'Right now, I apologize to all of whom I offended and I expect to be able to do so personally in the next few weeks, at meetings that I will have with representatives of the people interviewed, ' the Pope pointed out. Cruz was one of the survivors the Pope apologised to at Casa Santa Marta.

The closed-door meetings aim to craft a response to the abuse crisis that rocked the Church in Chile, the Vatican said in a statement Tuesday. The pope said there was no evidence against Madrid. Cardinal Francisco Errázuriz Ossa, former Archbishop of Santiago and a member of Francis' advisory body of cardinals, has been held responsible for this, he added.The cardinal denies the accusation and having initially said he wouldn't attend the summit with Francis was last weekend photographed on a Rome-bound aeroplane.

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