Rage 2 Gameplay Trailer is here, The Wasteland is One Crazy Drug!

Rage 2 Gameplay Trailer is here, The Wasteland is One Crazy Drug!

Rage 2 Gameplay Trailer is here, The Wasteland is One Crazy Drug!

And yesterday the official Rage Twitter account tweeted: "C:DesktopVideosAnnounceTrailerMonday". The first Rage game was a technological marvel with an intriguing game world, and was hindered mainly by mixed reviews of its gameplay. You can see a sand-covered desert promising a little open-world fun, along with a jungle location and a big mix of monsters and maniacs.

Bethesda hasn't hinted at a release date yet. Like the original, Rage 2 looks absolutely stunning. Titled Rage: Mutant Bash TV, it released in November 2010. Bethesda's now confirmed to GameSpot that Rage 2 is a collaboration between Avalanche (of Just Cause fame) and id. It willmake an appearanceat Bethesda's E3 2018 presentation on June 11, where more gameplay will be shown. Avalanche Studios joined forces with id to craft the game, bringing in its expertise in open world creation to add to the existing FPS mad skills. Bethesda has been making a habit of only announcing games when it is confident that they'll launch within a year.

Still, the gameplay looks way better. The earth is now a wasteland where ruthless gangs are fighting over territorial power. As a ranger named Walker, the player seeks payback after their home is taken and they're left for dead. As expected, RAGE 2 will have some sort of storyline apart from the following, however, no further information has been revealed. Rage 1 was widely panned for being uninspired and mediocre, which turned many fans of the genre off.

Bethesda's calling it "more than a shooter, more than an open world game - it's a shooterverse". However, you'll actually be able to channel these abilities into Walker's weapons and unleash something called "Overdrive".

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I didn't think anyone cared about Rage! In fact, watching the gameplay, I was thinking to myself, "This is Mad Max only in first person".

The first Rage game was not exactly a critical and commercial hit, which was surprising coming from the storied studio behind Doom and the publisher of games like The Elder Scrolls series. However, with E3 2018 coming in less than a month, its nearly impossible for Bethesda not to showcase it during their show.

Okay, Bethesda's back, everyone, and, no, it's not Fallout, if you can believe it.

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