Solar panels to become mandatory on new California homes in 2020

Solar panels to become mandatory on new California homes in 2020

Solar panels to become mandatory on new California homes in 2020

Builders in California will be required to fit solar panels on most new homes from 2020 under new building standards adopted on Wednesday, a move that is the first in the United States and could provide a big boost to the solar industry.

It needs final approval from California's Building Standards Commission, which typically adopts the energy panel's recommendations when updating the state's building codes.

California has pushed for more electric vehicles on the roads and fewer emissions from residential and commercial buildings, positioning itself as the nationwide leader on clean energy, pushing. The price of solar has dropped dramatically in recent years. There was so much of it that the state's utility companies had to pay other states so the power grid wouldn't overload.

Focus will be on residents achieving more than just net-zero energy in their living accommodations. They'll add incentives for buildings that have a Tesla Powerwall system for energy storage and there won't be a need for a large solar array.

Demand for solar equipment in California could rise by 10 percent to 15 percent because of the new standards, the Energy Commission forecast in a study earlier this year.

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Critics have been quick to note that the solar panel mandate will add between $8,000 (£5,900) and $12,000 to a home's cost. And in California overall, half as many people can afford median priced housing as in the rest of the country. These would only get higher with the addition of solar panels and tighter requirements for windows and insulation to improve energy efficiency.

Utilities that objected to the new rate-design "could contend that the introduction of mandated distributed solar sufficiently alters the policy landscape to warrant further review of the compensation levels paid to excess generation", ClearView said in their report, published ahead of the energy commission's decision.

An argument for the higher costs is the expenses would be recouped over the life of the energy system. But it would ultimately save a homeowner about $19,000 over the span of 30 years.

With the new renewable energy mandate, the state believes most constructions would have the ability to generate anywhere from 80 to 90 percent of the electricity they use on site.

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