State Dept nuclear expert leaves agency after Trump withdraws from Iran deal

State Dept nuclear expert leaves agency after Trump withdraws from Iran deal

State Dept nuclear expert leaves agency after Trump withdraws from Iran deal

At 11:20 a.m. EDT on Wednesday, both WTI and Brent prices were surging almost 3 percent, with Brent touching $77 a barrel, following President Trump's withdrawal from the Iran deal and EIA's weekly inventory report showing draws across the board. The US President warned that his country would re-impose economic sanctions that were waived when the deal was signed in 2015.

However, the deal came with time limits and did not address Iran's ballistic missile program or its regional policies. The protests resembled other aggressive but orderly gatherings typical under President Hassan Rouhani, who has portrayed himself as seeking rapprochement with the West and is simultaneously trying to save the nuclear deal with world powers while attempting to appease hard-liners seeking revenge for Israeli attacks. The other parties to the agreement-Britain, France, Germany, China, and Russia-will continue to nurse it along and prevent its complete collapse. Iran threatened retaliation last month after an Israeli strike killed seven Iranian soldiers last month, but it had never directly struck back against Israel - at least not until after Trump's announcement.

On Wednesday, Chancellor Angela Merkel told a news conference that Germany had noted the U.S. decision with "regret and concern" but said that Iran had "stuck to its obligations" laid out in the agreement. As Elena Chachko wrote for Lawfare earlier this week, these sanctions won't have much bite-the United States does not trade with Iran and most Iranians that will be targeted have likely already moved their assets out of reach of the United States.

Through Trump routinely referred to the Iran nuclear deal as "terrible", there's no credible evidence Tehran has violated the terms of the agreement.

In addition, France and the European Union are pressing Washington for exemption from Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs. "It doesn't cancel the deal because the others are not going to pull out".

"We must not question the Iran deal, however we also need to talk about a broader deal that goes beyond it", Merkel added. "When I make promises, I keep them". There is no reason for Iran to be held up as an exceptionally heinous country unworthy of diplomatic relations.

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While Trump's decision was met with dismay in Europe, Israel and Saudi Arabia praised the USA withdrawal. It also does not have a plan for how else to pressure Iran. Recent changes among his top advisers may have accelerated Trump's timeline, but this is where he was headed.

The lack of preparation for a moment the Trump administration has signaled since last October has many experts concerned.

That key regional allies Israel and Saudi Arabia back Trump's decision should indicate a possible opening to reshape the global landscape against the direction the Iranian regime demands.

The current administration has been moving in the direction of this kind of policy shift ever since Bolton entered the White House in April.

Yesterday Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Iran "crossed a red line" by firing at Israeli forces from Syria. "The economy is weak but not crumbling; the population is restless but not marching in the streets; the regime has fissures, but the military and security services appear solid".

Trump's action will reinstate economic sanctions against Iran, pledge new ones and increase the risk of confrontation with an Iranian regime that has shown little interest in peaceful cooperation. Withdrawing from the Iran deal runs USA policy off the rails, and now it's hard to tell where it might roll. As The Post's editorial board put it previously today: "The Saudis and Israelis might hope that Mr. Trump's choice will draw the United States back into the Middle East through a conflict with their opponent". Authorities contacted reservists and alerted the homeowners of the Golan Heights, which surrounds Syria, to prepare public air-raid shelter. Israel's defense minister, Avigdor Liberman, told reporters that the strikes had hit "nearly all" of Iran's military infrastructure in Syria.

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