Tanker Full of Chocolate Spills All Over Highway

Tanker Full of Chocolate Spills All Over Highway

Tanker Full of Chocolate Spills All Over Highway

Polish highway blocked after tonnes of chocolate spills on the road. But it ended up lying across the road, obstructing lanes in both directions.

What do you do get when a tanker truck full of chocolate sauce spills all over the road?

Passing vehicles left chocolate tyre marks for several kilometress before authorities closed the highway.

Local police said it was unclear why the lorry hit the central reservation on highway A2 between the western towns of Wrzesnia and Slupca.

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The driver of the truck was hospitalised with a broken arm.

Firefighters used hot water to remove the chocolate, which was drying quickly in the sun.

A firefighter attending the scene told TVN24 that chocolate is a more risky hazard than snow on a road. TVN24 also noted that the cleanup spans more than a mile, since in the aftermath of the crash, drivers simply drove through it, leaving a long chocolate trail.

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