What are exit polls and how accurate are their results?

What are exit polls and how accurate are their results?

What are exit polls and how accurate are their results?

News X-CNS predicted 72-78 seats for Congress, 102-110 for BJP, 35-39 for JD (S) and 3-4 for others. In the nine Exit Poll Results which came out till now are vertically split between BJP and Congress.

Asserting that a nation can not be "built on divides", Congress MP Shashi Tharoor on Sunday said India was not safe in the hands of the BJP government.

Clashes broke out between Congress and workers outside a polling booth in Hampi Nagar on Saturday, allegedly after the former thrashed a BJP corporator.

He trashed exit poll findings and said BJP would get 125-130 seats.

With an overall voter turnout of 70 per cent, as per the Election Commission, the state saw a slight slump from the 2013 election numbers when as many as 71.4 per cent of Karnataka had voted.

The exit polls triggered a war of words between the Congress and the BJP, which only backed the polls that showed them as the favourites and claimed they would win when the results are declared on May 15. The election for the Jayanagara seat in Bengaluru was countermanded following the death of BJP candidate and sitting MLA B N Vijaykumar on May 4. In a tweet on Sunday morning, the CM asked Congress members not to worry about the exit polls and asked them to treat it as mere entertainment.

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Exit polls released by various news organisations and survey agencies on Saturday revealed the possibility of a hung assembly with majority predicting that BJP will likely emerge as the single-largest party in the election.

A victory in Karnataka will also reflect the enduring charisma of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his capacity to power his party to victory across the country, clearing demographic and topographical obstacles. On the other hand, Times Now-Today's Chanakya survey predicted that the BJP will form a majority government with 120 seats, while the Congress will be restricted to 73 seats. However, some opinion polls had suggested that the election would yield a hung assembly and that the JD (S) would emerge as the "kingmaker".

The Hindu nationalist BJP and its allies hold power in 22 of India's 29 states, but after Karnataka, three more state elections are due to take place by the end of the year.

After a gap of almost 15 years, the exit polls suggest that Karnataka is heading for a hung assembly and the support of a regional party would be needed by both national parties.

■ 224: The number of women (one polling station for each assembly constituency) managed polling stations setup in the state for the first time.

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