White House releases commemorative coin before Kim Jong Un-Donald Trump meet

White House releases commemorative coin before Kim Jong Un-Donald Trump meet

White House releases commemorative coin before Kim Jong Un-Donald Trump meet

The Trump administration on Monday released its "trip coin" to commemorate the impending summit between President Donald Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un. 'The word is that recently the Border has become much more porous and more has been filtering in. The country's economic leverage over the North - China supplied 85 percent of North Korea's $3.47 billion in imports in 2015 - means it will be critical to any economic inducements offered as part of the deal. As Korea expert Victor Cha noted, Kim had "not even reaffirmed the more definitive statements about denuclearization that were used by the North Koreans in the past", during previous negotiations with Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. China would suffer from any deal that eliminates North Korea's long-range missiles capability of hitting America while allowing the U.S.to maintain deterrence against the regime's nuclear weapons and short-range missiles, according to Zhang Liangui, a former professor at the Chinese Communist Party's Central Party School. Last week, Trump told reporters at the White House that the Kim was possibly being influenced by Beijing, North Korea's main ally, after two recent visits he made to China. This first ministerial visit from India to North Korea in almost two decades was at the invitation of the North Korean government, but comes at a time when developments in the region have the potential to bring in a fundamental realignment in the balance of power.

US and Russian reporters said they received visas at North Korea's Embassy in Beijing on Monday.

The possibility of a Trump-Kim meeting was first made public in March by South Korean officials during a Washington visit. Most importantly, North Korea reiterated its longstanding view that its return to denuclearization dialogue is rooted in North Korean strength and is conditioned on expectations for tension-reduction and diplomatic normalization with the United States. "I think right now, it's dead", he said. There have even been reports that the Center for Space Science and Technology in Asia and the Pacific (CSSTEAP) located in Dehradun had been providing technical education to North Korean scientists. The list was resubmitted on Monday, but was swiftly rejected by North Korea once again.

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And some White House advisers have expressed private doubts Kim will come to the table.

Yun, who is now a CNN global affairs analyst, said he believes Trump remains committed to the summit and "is not going to be the one to pull the plug". Trump allies have said a nuclear deal with North Korea should get the president the Nobel Peace Prize. Several diplomats who know Bolton have told me they believe Bolton was purposefully trying to sabotage the prospect for peace when he remarked last month that the denuclearization of North Korea should follow the "Libya model"-a 2003 disarmament agreement that left Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi vulnerable to a 2011 NATO bombing campaign that ended with his death".

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