Italy Prime Minister Designate Struggles To Form Government

Italy Prime Minister Designate Struggles To Form Government

Italy Prime Minister Designate Struggles To Form Government

In the latest twist, Di Maio said Wednesday he's willing to suggest a different finance minister.

Prime Minister-designate Giuseppe Conte presented his list of ministers to President Sergio Mattarella for the second time in a week and the new government will be sworn in this Friday, June first.

When he joined the Five Star Movement during the recent election, he said he supported center-left political ideals.

A coalition government has been agreed in Italy, ending months of uncertainty in the EU's fourth-biggest economy.

Emphasizing their "anti-establishment" claim, 5-Star ministers, who hold seven of the Cabinet posts, took a single taxi van to the Quirinal Palace.

"We are going to work hard to fulfil all of the political goals included in our government contract", the Prime Minister-appointed said in a short speech after the meeting.

Conte had been expected to teach at Florence University on Friday morning, but with signals that the 5-Stars and League might get another shot at forming a government, he grabbed a train for Rome.

Conte's deputy premiers are his two more seasoned political masters: Di Maio and Matteo Salvini, head of the League.

Salvini will serve as the new interior minister as well.

He said "the mafia has always made us and will always make us sick, wherever there is injustice I will try to be there with a team".

Yet migrant arrivals to Italy actually plunged in the a year ago under the center-left Democratic Party, which signed controversial deals with Libya to beef up coastal patrols and prevent migrants from setting out in smugglers' boats across the Mediterranean Sea. He was mentioned as a potential Public Administration minister in the event that the Five Star Movement won a clear majority.

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Italian media reported that the line-up will face a vote of confidence on Monday or Tuesday in both houses of parliament, which it is nearly certain to win thanks to the populists' combined majority. Le Pen shares the League's firm stance against immigrants.

The coalition deal, following inconclusive elections in March, removes the risk of a repeat vote, a prospect that had sparked a big selloff in Italian financial markets this week. "One thing though: Gotta stay strong, the bully boys will be after you".

It was a reference to European Union officials, who have made clear in recent days their concerns - in occasionally undiplomatic terms - about the euroskeptic direction of Europe's third-largest economy.

Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, earned the ire of Italy's new leaders by stating Italy should "stop blaming" the EU for the country's woes.

Its ambitious economic proposals - which include a monthly basic income for Italy's poorest and a two tier "flat" tax - have anxious Brussels and financial markets given Italy's massive 2.3 trillion euro ($2.7 trillion) debt.

Salvini said he would set straight to work on a campaign pledge to expel many of several hundred thousand asylum-seekers who were rescued at sea from human traffickers over the last few years but are ineligible for asylum. "We will help them, as we always did".

European Council president Donald Tusk said his appointment came at a "crucial time" for Italy and the European Union - which is facing its own crisis with the departure of Britain.

However, they seem to disagree on whether an election or a new government now is the best option.

Mr Mattarella had vetoed Mr Savona, a former industry minister who has questioned whether Italy should keep the euro, leading to the collapse of the 5-Star-League bid.

However on Wednesday Five Star leader Luigi Di Maio, who had called for Mattarella's impeachment following his rejection of Savona, offered an olive branch by proposing the controversial 81-year-old financier for another government post.

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