Premier League matches are coming to Amazon Prime Video in 2019

Premier League matches are coming to Amazon Prime Video in 2019

Premier League matches are coming to Amazon Prime Video in 2019

The online retail company have been rumoured for some time to be interested in entering football streaming and it was suggested that in the 2019-22 bidding process they would try to outbid Sky and BT due to this process being the first where the league opened up a package for livestreaming. Sky won four of the five "best deals", with BT taking the other.

Amazon is getting into English Premier League soccer after securing a package of high-profile games in the United Kingdom - arguably its biggest move into the live sports arena. The company said it would make the games available as part of its current Amazon Prime subscription deal.

The amount Amazon paid to secure exclusive Premier League footage has yet to be disclosed.

But while the move is a huge step towards more games being streamed via subscription services, fans are furious with the Premier League for allowing it to happen.

In itsstatement, Amazon said the matches would be included in its Prime membership package, which includes faster delivery and various music and video streaming services.

Amazon's Prime Video service will air two rounds of live matches each season in Britain - not internationally - in a three-year deal from 2019, representing 20 games each season during a midweek programme in early December and another around Christmas.

The Premier League is the richest in Europe, according to a report published this week by Deloitte. Fortunately Amazon Prime is considerably cheaper than both BT's or Sky's Sports packages.

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The three-year deal includes 20 games across Bank Holidays and weekdays, equating to around 5% of total matches in the 380-game season.

Revenue is now shared equally among the 20 clubs, but the bigger clubs had been pushing for a greater share of the money, arguing they are the main attraction for foreign viewers.

Recent days have seen claims that BT Sport and Amazon had taken one each of the previously unsold pair of deals, that has now been confirmed.

Separately, the Premier League clubs have agreed a new formula for sharing any future increase in global broadcast revenue from season 2019/20 onwards. However, the entire auction has fallen short of the Premier League's hopes on revenue.

However, analysts said they probably did not sell in February because they did not achieve the reserve price set by the Premier League.

Can they not see that this spiralling inflation is unsustainable for their customers?

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