President Trump doubles down on immigration amid backlash

President Trump doubles down on immigration amid backlash

President Trump doubles down on immigration amid backlash

While leading Democrats have said they wouldn't support either bill ― with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) calling Ryan's "compromise" bill "doomed to fail" ― Republicans may still have enough votes to pass one of them, since the party now controls both houses of Congress. The children were mostly from El Salvador and Guatemala, both violence-plagued Central American countries.

But a defiant Trump sounded unfazed by the mounting pressure to alleviate the situation before it ruptures into a public relations disaster for his party.

Trump insisted he had no choice but to criminally prosecute every adult crossing into the USA from Mexico, meaning "you have to take children away".

U.S. Rep. Richard Neal, a Springfield Democrat and co-sponsor of the House bill, slammed the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" approach to immigration as "cruel and inhumane" and called for legislative action.

After his remarks, the president raised eyebrows by walking across the stage, arms outstretched, and embracing a USA flag. "Where is the outcry for permanent separation when one of these people come to the country, commit a crime, kill an American citizen with their own hand or via the drugs they distribute, no one comes to their defense?"

Pointing to reports that the administration expects to take hundreds of children at the border "every day for the next two months", Markey called Tuesday for passage of the Democrat-backed bill. One conservative measure is expected to fail.

The goal has taken on greater urgency amid national outrage and concern over a White House policy of separating migrant children from their parents at the U.S. -Mexico border amid widespread condemnation of the practice.

GOP leaders released the official version of the bill Tuesday evening while Mr. Trump was meeting with them.

They have joined a growing chorus of voices condemning the policy, as the White House said it was looking at emergency legislation meant to keep immigrant families together, tabled by Republican senator Ted Cruz, of Texas.

The unanimous opposition among the state's GOP lawmakers showed that Republicans would not buy Trump's arguments that his separation policy is required by federal law and is the fault of Democrats.

The Mormon church said it is "deeply troubled" by the separation of families at the border and urged national leaders to find compassionate solutions.

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Republican lawmakers emerged from the 45-minute huddle energized that Trump was giving his backing to legislation that House leaders expect to bring to a vote this week.

The issue risks becoming a political nightmare several House Republicans who face tough re-election fights in November.

Democrats say the crisis is of Trump's own making, and accuse him of using children as pawns.

"Congress should pass legislation to prevent the separation of children from their parents while they are waiting adjudication of their legal status in the United States", he said in a statement. Of about 2,000 children separated from parents in the past six weeks about 100 are under the age of 4 years.

But many insiders believe his policy of separating young children from their parents could be the nail in the coffin for the bullet-proof commander-in-chief. We want to secure the border.

The audio of the 10 children is just a tiny percentage of what is happening at the United States border. Children of jailed parents must be transferred to shelters under the responsibility of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Republican Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, who represents the suburbs north of Philadelphia, issued a strongly worded statement on Monday but did not mention Trump, instead calling on Congress to act to stop the separation of families.

But US attorney general Jeff Sessions told Fox News comparisons with Nazi Germany were a "real exaggeration" because the Nazis were "keeping Jews from leaving the country".

But activists seized on the symbolism. You're right. We do have that legislation.

"We finally have a president willing to work with Congress to solve this, and that's what this bill does", said House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) said.

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