Putin visits Austria, says lifting Russian Federation sanctions would benefit all

Putin visits Austria, says lifting Russian Federation sanctions would benefit all

Putin visits Austria, says lifting Russian Federation sanctions would benefit all

Russian President Vladimir Putin posed for a picture with volunteers after his annual Question and Answer live-broadcast TV and radio session on Thursday.

Putin also addressed tariffs the US imposed on steel and aluminum imports from Canada, Mexico, and other long-term allies in the European Union, likening them to unjustified economic sanctions.

"[Albert] Einstein said the fourth world war will be fought with sticks and stones", Putin said.

Last month Putin said any retaliation against western sanctions must not hurt the Russian economy or partners that do business in Russia.

The project has been highly contentious among European Union member states due to the fact that it skirts Ukraine and Poland en route to the European Union and because of what members see as a unsafe dependence on gas from Russian Federation.

"Experts are already discussing this".

"But when you look at Trump's behavior patterns, his unwillingness ever to criticize Vladimir Putin, his slow-rolling sanctions, his unwillingness to create problems with Russian Federation, even though as he attacks North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, disrupts the relations with the E.U.", Peters continued.

"They are temporary but we will keep them there while it is necessary and is required by our economic interests", he said.

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"If, as Britain claims, a military-grade agent was used against these people, they would've died in a matter of minutes or seconds".

"The understanding that a third world war could be the end of civilization should restrain us from taking extreme steps on the global arena that are highly risky for modern civilization", Putin said when asked to comment about recent worldwide volatility.

Both Sergei and Yulia Skripal have been released after spending weeks in hospital.

However "the withdrawal of the USA from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty was an attempt to break that strategic parity", he added.

"We need to sit at the negotiating table and not just contemplate but actually develop contemporary, up-to-date mechanisms of global and European security", he said. Putin mentioned seeing a German news headline declaring, "Donald Trump pushes Europe into Putin's arms".

"The 13 people indicted are accused of an elaborate plot to disrupt the USA election that allegedly included running a huge social media campaign from their headquarters in St. Petersburg, dubbed the "'troll farm".

"How can you not draw the conclusions that Donald Trump, the president of the United States, is frightened of Vladimir Putin and his grip?" "Total nonsense. There's no way to describe this other than as a joke". He added, however, that he could pull them out of the country quickly if necessary.

"We have no plans to shut anything down", said Putin when asked if social media networks, which are harder to monitor than traditional media, would be blocked in Russian Federation.

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