Should California Really Be 3 States? Voters Will Decide In November

Should California Really Be 3 States? Voters Will Decide In November

Should California Really Be 3 States? Voters Will Decide In November

Backers of CAL 3 said last month they collected and delivered 600,000 signatures to California Secretary of State Alex Padilla's Office, surpassing the 365,000 required by law to qualify for the ballot.

If Silicon Valley billionaire Tim Draper gets his way, San Luis Obispo County will join Los Angeles in a coastal cluster of six counties that will make up the new state of California.

Proponents of the CAL 3 initiative submitted more than 402,468 valid signatures as of Tuesday, making it eligible for the November 6 general election ballot, according to the California Secretary of State's office.

According to the ballot measure, Northern California will consist of counties in the northern part of the state, including Sacramento and San Francisco Counties. The government interpreted language in the U.S. Constitution to mean that both the state Legislature (in that instance in West Virginia) and Congress had to approve before a state is split into two or more states.

An exterior of the state capitol is shown on January 5, 2006 in Sacramento, California. Congress admitted four USA states that were split from an existing state: Kentucky, Maine, Vermont, and lastly West Virginia in 1863 during the Civil War. State filings show he paid consultants and law firms almost $560,000 a year ago for work related to the proposal. As he did when he pushed a failed initiative to break the state into six states, Draper says California as it now exists is simply too large to be governed effectively.

From there, the plan would need congressional approval.

Californians have long debated whether they were better as a whole or in parts.

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The plan would create three differently sized regions, but all would have roughly the same population.

"How would we pay for basic services, what are our basic services, how would we fund just basic state government", he said.

"This milestone is a testament to the energized spirit of Californians wanting to create a better future for themselves and their communities", said Citizens for Cal 3 spokeswoman Peggy Grande.

Steven Maviglio, a Democratic political consultant who opposes breaking up the Golden State, told the Mercury News that Draper's initiative was taking the wrong track.

Republicans dismissing the "three Californias" ballot initiative as another nutty idea from Left Coast liberals might want to take a closer look at the proposed state lines.

"California's government can do a better job addressing the real issues facing the state, but this measure is a massive distraction that will cause political chaos and greater inequality".

-California would have approximately 12.3 million residents and would be centered around Los Angeles County.

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