Sixers fan trolls Bryan Colangelo over burner accounts

Sixers fan trolls Bryan Colangelo over burner accounts

Sixers fan trolls Bryan Colangelo over burner accounts

Yesterday, embattled Philadelphia 76ers president Bryan Colangelo denied that he was operating a slew of anonymous Twitter accounts that slammed 76ers players and defended his sartorial choices.

The Sixers' fan base may be growing restless as fate of Bryan Colangelo hangs in the balance.

The probe hasn't been completed, and a final decision has yet to be rendered, but the fallout from a report by The Ringer that connected Twitter accounts unleashing privileged information and provocative attacks surrounding the Sixers has left ownership flushed with embarrassment and anger - and Colangelo fighting for his professional life, league sources said.

The fear is that the longtime basketball executive's reputation as a result of these allegations, regardless of the investigation's outcome, would prove detrimental to the team going forward - especially when it comes to trying to attract big-name players in free agency.

Another recent report speculates Colangelo's wife might have operated the accounts.

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The team announced a day later that they would be conducting an investigation into the reports, which is ongoing and yet to reach a verdict.

"This is not necessarily something that we want to be talking about, but it is the reality of this league", said Silver.

"Well, for the league there is always that balance of speed and doing things in a deliberate and appropriate way", Silver said. Sources told the Inquirer this would not factor into whether Colangelo were fired or not. "So I have no information beyond that other than that investigation is underway".

"Someone's out to get me", Colangelo texted Yahoo Sports. He lost his GM job in Toronto after the Raptors missed the playoffs for the fifth consecutive season, and Ujiri took over basketball operations.

Another account accused Embiid of "playing like a toddler having tantrums", and one criticized Fultz for his work with his "so called mentor/father figure".

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