Tobacco kills 7m people yearly…

Tobacco kills 7m people yearly…

Tobacco kills 7m people yearly…

"We have intensify awareness campaigns to raise public knowledge and to stop tobacco use", he said. It is also the world's leading case of non-communicable disease deaths, responsible for 44 per cent of all NCD deaths or 17.9 million deaths annually. Actions addressed in the convention include protecting people from exposure to tobacco smoke, banning tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship, banning sales to minors, requiring health warnings on tobacco packaging. Additionally, 20 per cent of stroke deaths are attributed to tobacco use, while most of the deaths attributed to tobacco use occur in Jamaicans 45-49 years old.

Tobacco kills over 7 million people each year, despite the steady reduction in tobacco use globally, based on statistics and forecasts for the period 2000-2025.

The World Health Organisation says picture warnings in particular are proven to help people quit, and says that 78 countries making up nearly half the world's population now meet best practices.

The high level of carbon monoxide in tobacco smoke reduces the amount of oxygen the blood carries, causing vital organs such as heart, lungs, brain don't receive enough oxygen to perform everyday functions.

Commenting on the decline in Swiss smokers, Daniel Dauwalder, a spokesman for the Federal Office of Public Health, pointed out that Swiss tobacco legislation was "relatively liberal". According to a study, even only one cigarette a day also carries a higher risk of heart disease and stroke. "This is why it is so important that countries accelerate the implementation of the FCTC".

With one billion smokers in the world, and one billion people projected to die from smoking in this century, the Foundation's task is urgent.

In 2015, Vietnamese smokers spent 31 trillion VND (1.36 billion USD) on tobacco, while total treatment expenses for smoking-related diseases exceeded 23 trillion VND (1.01 billion USD). In 2017, there were 12.2 million smokers.

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The campaigners carried placards bearing inscriptions including "The Effects of Tobacco not only Affects you, It takes a Turn on your Friends, Family and Life" and "Smoking Affects Every Part of the Body".

WHO's survey found that when tobacco usage falls in one country it is usually offset by the consumption of such substances in countries where there are lax regulations and controls on tobacco.

The American Lung Association and Pfizer developed Quitter's Circle*, an online community and mobile app to help guide smokers through the quit smoking process.

The center will also start technical support for Olympic tobacco control and strengthening the assessment of a tobacco-free environment.

"Unfortunately, most tobacco-related deaths occur in low and middle income countries where the population is target of intensive tobacco industry marketing".

Yet in many countries, there is very low awareness that smoking significantly increases your chances of developing cardiovascular disease.

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