Trump says he has 'absolute' power to pardon himself

Trump says he has 'absolute' power to pardon himself

Trump says he has 'absolute' power to pardon himself

"It was a mistake", Giulani, a lawyer for Trump in the Russian Federation investigation, said on CNN's "Cuomo Prime Time" Monday.

US President Donald Trump said on June 4 that he has "absolute right to pardon" himself as he slammed the opposition Democratic party for a witch-hunt against him alleging that the appointment of a special counsel is unconstitutional.

House Republican Majority leader Kevin McCarthy also told CNN that no president should pardon himself. "And he has no need to do it, he's done nothing wrong".

The investigation was established a year ago by the Department of Justice under a standing special counsel law.

It's another front on which Trump's lawyers are trying to make the case that the president can't be subpoenaed in the special counsel's investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 USA election.

"We are certainly adversaries and I think he's doing damage to our democracy and damage to the middle class in this country".

Meanwhile, President Trump has a busy week of preparing for the G7 summit where he faces tensions with Canada over recently implemented tariffs.

The tweet followed a story in The New York Times on Saturday that published Trump lawyers' confidential memo to Robert Mueller, the special counsel overseeing Russian interference in the USA presidential election.

Trump was responding to special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into whether his campaign colluded with Russian agents during the 2016 election and potential obstruction of justice.

Nearly every president has used his pardon powers, but somewhat narrowly - focusing on overturning cases when they believe a severe injustice has been done or is needed to heal partisan rifts.

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Giuliani told Reuters on Sunday that a move by Trump to pardon himself would likely trigger political blowback leading to his impeachment. Pardoning other people is one thing.

The US president is being investigated to establish whether there was collusion between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign during the 2016 US election.

Freedom Partners' James Davis said trade is a "top priority" as the groups "work aggressively to educate policymakers and others".

"Should have told me!"

Trump's assertion that Mueller's investigation is illegal came only after 13 months of the investigation.

"What Giuliani and his team are saying is, you don't need to [go the] subpoena route, but if you do, we will fight it in court", Lewandowski said. But he continued to cast doubt on the special counsel's eventual findings, suggesting that Trump has already offered explanations for the matters being investigated and that the special counsel was biased against the president. "Then why would he want to talk about pardoning himself?"

Trump's legal team has long pushed the special counsel to narrow the scope of its interview.

On NBC Sunday, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani said there was no foul in firing Comey, because Trump has "very broad powers". "Our recollection keeps changing, or we're not even asked a question and somebody makes an assumption".

The memo asserted Mueller could not subpoena Trump to testify because it would interfere with "the president's prime function as the chief executive" and demean "the office of the president before the world". Dowd left the legal team in March, while Sekulow continues representing the President.

On Monday, the former New York City mayor was asked if he was anxious that his decision to represent Trump was tarnishing his legacy. This approach, which could face its first real test in the coming weeks, could force the kind of constitutional showdown that two past presidents, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, essentially sidestepped.

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