Comcast starts throttling mobile video, will charge extra for HD streams

Comcast starts throttling mobile video, will charge extra for HD streams

Comcast starts throttling mobile video, will charge extra for HD streams

"To help you conserve data, we've established 480p as the standard resolution for streaming video through cellular data", Comcast told customers.

What Comcast is referring to here is likely the throttling that occurs after an Unlimited customer uses up 20GB of data during a given billing cycle. First, it will start holding back video quality to 480p for both its pay per GB and unlimited plans. If you are already an Xfinity Mobile unlimited customer, you can get in touch with customer support and ask to get your video streaming set at 720p while on the network.

The next change it made which unlimited customers are sure to love is that hotspot speeds are now capped at 600Kbps.

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Comcast has announced placing limitations on video quality and hotspot speed for its mobile customers.

Comcast made the announcement in a statement to its Xfinity Mobile customers. Comcast hasn't mentioned any plans to make 1080p or any resolution higher than 720p available over cellular, and there's no word from Comcast yet on what enabling 720p video will cost. Second, we're setting personal hotspotting at 3G speeds for all Unlimited customers, which will allow customers to continue to do numerous things they enjoy doing online.

Xfinity Mobile from Comcast launched previous year, and now the wireless operator is making some big changes. For now, customers can contact Comcast for an "upgrade" to 720p video "on an interim basis at no charge". Though the resolution cap doesn't apply when a subscriber is connected to WiFi, it greatly reduces the quality when a video is watched over the 4G LTE network, bringing it down to "dvd" quality. For everyone else, the company plans to roll out these changes in the coming weeks. The company says that this change is going to aid subscribers to "conserve data", and that this can also help them save money if they pay "By the Gig and take longer to reach the 20GB threshold if you have the Unlimited data option". Customers will only be able to do that if they opt for the By the Gig data option which charges $12 per GB of data. At this speed, you'll conserve data so that it takes longer to reach the 20 GB threshold but you'll still be able to do numerous online activities you enjoy. The By the Gig data option will continue to deliver 4G speeds for all data traffic.

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