Corbyn congratulates Mexico’s president after winning landslide

Corbyn congratulates Mexico’s president after winning landslide

Corbyn congratulates Mexico’s president after winning landslide

In a speech last month, Mr Lopez Obrador vowed to defend migrants and their rights. He also had a special message for immigrants.

Looking to the future, the bishops said that "education and the fight against poverty, truth and freedom, respect for differences and the search for consensus are ways to overcome inequality, selfishness and abuse".

Indeed, AMLO has said a lot of things that Mexicans have wanted to hear for a long time. In fact, a significant part of his campaign took on the U.S. president's anti-Mexican immigrant policies.

Many Mexicans liked this rhetoric and saw in him a man who can stand up to Trump and reclaim the nation's dignity on the global arena. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, known by his initials as AMLO, is a populist. Rooting out corruption and fighting for the poor is central to his platform.

Lopez Obrador said that he has already met with businessmen after his crushing victory in Sunday's election and that he planned a Tuesday night meeting on inviting worldwide figures - including Pope Francis, rights activists and the United Nations - to help come up with a plan to solve Mexico's problem of soaring violent crime.

These are monumental promises and it remains to be seen whether he can achieve them. "I am concerned that some candidates are making proposals that are impossible, because they're very expensive to carry out", said Juan Carlos Limas, 26, who lined up at another Mexico City precinct to vote for Ricardo Anaya, who is running second in polls for a right-left coalition.

Mexicans across the political spectrum have said Mexico will not pay for Trump's proposed wall along the southern USA border, which he has said is needed to keep out both illegal immigrants and drugs. Talks to renegotiate NAFTA are expected to continue, though Trump told Fox News he doesn't envision a deal until after the midterm USA elections.

Apprehensions at the border have increased over the past year but they still remain at historic lows.

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"We are conscious of the need to maintain good relations with the United States", he added.

Jeremy Corbyn congratulated Mexico's Left-wing president after he won the largest landslide in the country's recent history.

Don't expect AMLO to pay for the wall either.

Mexico "will never be the piñata of any foreign government", AMLO has said. At the same time, he also hopes to persuade Trump to help develop Mexico and Central America in order to contain illegal migration.

Sceptics question whether amnesty would lead to even greater impunity in Mexico, where government statistics show only about 7 per cent of all crimes are properly investigated and about 2 per cent result in convictions. He was the seventh journalist killed in Mexico this year.

Mexicans were so eager to vote, so hungry for a change, that there were reports that some polling stations ran out of ballots. Obrador's party is called the National Regeneration Movement, which promises to bring sweeping changes over the next six years of Lopez' term. Much of the popular ire has been aimed at unpopular President Enrique Pena Nieto's Institutional Revolutionary Party, whose market-oriented economic reforms have yet to benefit many Mexicans.

He has also ensured a "friendly" relationship with the United States based on cooperation and development.

Concerning the thorny US-Mexico relationship, the leftist president-elect has promised to put Trump "in his place".

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