Kevin Durant is Re-signing with the Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant is Re-signing with the Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant is Re-signing with the Golden State Warriors

LeBron James might be moving much closer to them. After Durant led the team to an impressive sweep of the Cleveland Cavaliersin the Finals, Golden State general manager Bob Myers said he was prepared to give Durant "whatever" he wanted in free agency.

Durant will have a player option in Year 2 of the deal.

Warriors owner Joe Lacob and Kerr both indicated that they expected a new deal to get done with Kerr.

Durant's new deal will keep in the Bay City for at least another season on a salary of $30 million. The year before, so did Kevin Durant with the Golden State Warriors. His moving to Golden State has drawn criticism from fans around the league, but that doesn't appear to have influenced his decision to stay in any way and continue the dynasty that the Warriors are building in San Francisco.

Not too long ago, the Oklahoma City Thunder traded away James Harden over a luxury tax bill of $15 million, breaking up a core of Durant, Russell Westbrook, and the 2018 NBA MVP. Paul was a pitbull and a vauable leader previous year for the Houston Rockets. While he missed 14 games due to injury, Durant had another Hall-of-Fame-caliber season in 2017-18, averaging 26.4 points, 6.8 rebounds, 5.4 assists and 1.8 blocks while shooting 41.9 percent from three, the second-best mark of his career. Ariza reportedly sought a longer, more lucrative deal in the range of $50-60 million, but the Rockets instead awarded point guard Chris Paul to a four-year, $160-million max deal.

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He flew to Los Angeles on Saturday, creating a frenzy without saying a word. George re-signing for four years - despite the constant conversations about him going back home to Los Angeles and the Lakers - is perhaps as shocking as the Thunder trading for him in the first place.

If Durant did want to commit long-term to the Warriors this summer, and they were willing, he could sign a four-year deal starting at his max.

With the cap set, the exact amounts of the various exceptions are also now known: The non-taxpayer mid-level is $8,641,000, the taxpayer mid-level is $5,337,000 and the mid-level for teams with salary cap space will be $4,449,000. So open were the Lakers about this intent that Magic kept getting fine for tampering. "Process that", Philadelphia star Joel Embiid wrote on Twitter.

While some talks have Kevin discussing a one-year deal with Golden State, most accounts have Durant singing a two-year deal to the tune of $61. He has a player option for the second season worth $31.5 million.

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