Michael Cohen Says Family & Country Has Loyalty First, Not President Trump

Michael Cohen Says Family & Country Has Loyalty First, Not President Trump

Michael Cohen Says Family & Country Has Loyalty First, Not President Trump

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, has said she had sex once with the married Trump in 2006 and carried on a platonic relationship with him for about a year afterwards.

Napolitano added Cohen's warning "should cause the president sleepless nights", noting as Trump's personal attorney, he likely took on cases normal lawyers wouldn't "dirty their hands" with.

"He doesn't want to look like he betrayed him, so he's explaining why he's doing what he's going to do".

Here's what I think.

In his first public interview since the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided his office and home in April, the lawyer opened up about what's most important to him in his life - and it's not President Trump.

Cohen vehemently disagreed in his conversation with Stephanopoulos, saying "I don't agree with those who demonize or vilify the Federal Bureau of Investigation..." I thanked them for their service and as they left.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders would not comment Monday afternoon on Cohen's remarks.

But while acknowledging that Cohen sounded like a man in search of a cooperation deal, other legal experts said prosecutors nearly always prefer to negotiate such deals in private - not on morning television shows.

In late November, Flynn notified Trump's legal team that he would end a similar agreement.

The question of whether Michael Cohen, the former fixer and personal attorney for President Donald Trump, would flip on his former boss has been the subject of intense speculation in the media and in the halls of power since the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided his offices and residences in April.

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Lots and lots of questions we don't know the answers to. "It certainly looks that way given the context of how this unfolded", Toobin said.

A day after he tweeted "I will always protect my POTUS" in April, the FBI raided his home, office and hotel room as part of a probe by federal prosecutors in NY into his business dealings. But it's hard to imagine that the Southern District prosecutors would give Cohen a deal if there was nothing that he had to tell them about a bigger fish. Cohen previously claimed he paid the cash out of own pocket on his own, without direction from Trump or any promise of reimbursement. He also retained a new lawyer, Guy Petrillo, a former chief of the criminal division of the USA attorney's office in Manhattan.

Mr Trump later told reporters Mr Cohen did a small fraction of his overall legal work.

Cohen has signaled to friends that he is "willing to give" investigators information on the President if that's what they are looking for, CNN reported.

Stephanopoulos said that in several instances, Cohen broke with Trump in characterizing the federal investigations. He has not been charged with any wrongdoing.

Trump has openly doubted the conclusions of current and past USA intelligence officials, who say Russian Federation actively meddled in the 2016 election campaign.

Trump administration officials, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, have said Trump will raise the issue of election meddling with Putin, though Trump's own recent comment make it unclear if that will happen.

"The substance of what [Cohen] told ABC, if it's true, and if he means it, should cause the president sleepless nights", Napolitano said.

"I want to answer".

Asked whether Trump had prior knowledge of both events, Cohen demurred, saying that he couldn't comment on advice of his counsel. He also hinted that he would soon air Trump's dirty laundry.

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