President Trump Legal Team Waives Attorney-Client Privilege On McDougal Recording

President Trump Legal Team Waives Attorney-Client Privilege On McDougal Recording

President Trump Legal Team Waives Attorney-Client Privilege On McDougal Recording

"It was already out there so seemed no point in objecting except on principle", Giuliani said.

One of the sources familiar with the matter pointed out that NY is a "one-party" consent state, meaning that as long as one participant in the conversation gives permission to record, it is legal. He continued, "Coordinated expenditures are treated as in-kind contributions under campaign finance law and corporations are prohibited from contributing to federal candidates, so AMI's payment to McDougal [would be] an illegal corporate contribution to Trump".

Mr Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani told the Times that Mr Trump had discussed the payments with Mr Cohen on the tape but that the payments were ultimately never made.

Rachel Maddow suspects the news of this damning tape Michael Cohen has of Donald Trump may have been leaked from the Trump camp.

The story was never published.

The newspaper, citing lawyers and others familiar with the recording, said the Federal Bureau of Investigation seized the recording this year during a raid on Cohen's office.

Giuliani said the recording about McDougal is less than two minutes long and shows Trump did nothing wrong, according to the Times.

The president said in a tweet it might be illegal for a lawyer to record a client.

Team Cohen remains surprised that Trump's lawyers removed the protective claim of privilege, given their view that the tape is harmful to the President.

On the tape, the existence of which was revealed by The New York Times, Mr Trump was recorded talking about payments to Ms McDougal.

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How many more women are involved in what now seems to be a coordinated pattern and practice on the part of Cohen and Trump to silence women for Trump's political gain?

"Nothing in that conversation suggests that he had any knowledge of [the AMI payment] in advance", Giuliani said.

Trump was suggesting that there might be legal consequences for Cohen for breaching the attorney-client privilege. Mr Trump has denied the affair.

Mr Davis said "any attempt at spin can not change what is on the tape".

Trump and Giuliani's strategy is "flawed; just as Trump's false Twitter statement made against Cohen this morning", Davis said.

The telephone discussion between Mr Trump and Mr Cohen was about whether to make a further payment to her, the newspaper reported.

Before the election, the Trump campaign denied any knowledge of payment to the former model, Karen McDougal, but the taped conversation could undermine those denials.

The FBI raided Cohen's home and office on a referral from special counsel Robert Mueller, who is looking into Russian interference in the 2016 election and whether the Trump campaign colluded with Moscow. "In the big scheme of things, it's powerful exculpatory evidence".

The investigation "seems intent on damaging the Republican Party's chances in the November Election", Trump tweeted, referring to the upcoming midterm congressional polls. She told CNN's Anderson Cooper in March that her first intimate encounter with Trump was in June 2006 after she met him at the Playboy mansion during a taping there of "The Apprentice".

The Justice Department says Cohen has been under investigation for months for criminal conduct largely centred on his personal business dealings.

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