Trump fires off hostile tweet in war of words with Iran

Trump fires off hostile tweet in war of words with Iran

Trump fires off hostile tweet in war of words with Iran

Despite the heightened rhetoric, both sides have reasons to want to avoid starting a conflict that could easily escalate.

In this photo released by official website of the office of the Iranian Presidency, President Hassan Rouhani attends a meeting with a group of foreign ministry officials in Tehran, Iran, Sunday, July 22, 2018.

Obama turned his back on the Iranian people back in 2009 and the rendered results continue to plague us globally.

"We weren't afraid to tackle the regime at its highest level", Pompeo said in a speech in California, referring to sanctions leveled in January against Sadeq Larijani, the head of Iran's judiciary. "They are stealing from the people in Iran", U.S. Sen.

Later Monday morning, national security adviser John Bolton said Trump told him that "if Iran does anything at all to the negative, they will pay a price like few countries have ever paid before".

In a heated tweet Sunday, the president addressed Iranian President Hassan Rouhani by saying he will suffer consequences unlike anything that's ever been seen in history.


"As our president correctly pointed out, the enemies, particularly America, whose centres of interest are within reach of the visible and hidden defence forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, should not play with the lion's tail", Bagheri said in a statement, according to IRNA.

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Mr Rouhani left open the possibility of peace between the two countries, at odds since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. In light of these protests and 40 years of regime tyranny, I have a message for the people of Iran: "The United States hears you; the United States supports you; the United States is with you".

He also held out the possibility of a peaceful relationship with the USA, in remarks reported by Iranian state media.

Asked at the White House if he had concerns about provoking Iran, Trump said simply, "None at all".

"We have always guaranteed the security of this strait", Rouhani told diplomats in the Iranian capital. Iran's Students news Agency ISNA reported his comments.

Those accusations seem to have prompted Rouhani to counter-attack, in which he questioned whether the USA can embrace Iran's people while fighting its government - an idea that was put forth in Pompeo's speech.

As Pompeo noted in his speech to Iranian-Americans and others in California on Sunday, the centerpiece will be the re-imposition of USA economic sanctions; the first batch will go back into force August 4, targeting the Iranian automotive sector and trade in gold and other metals. He also promised support for Iranians unhappy with their government.

At the moment, Turkey is caught between its ally, the USA, and its neighbor Iran. Gen. Amir Hatami said the USA does "not understand anything but the language of force", according to the semi-official Fars News Agency.

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