Trump heard on leaked tape with Michael Cohen discussing payments

Trump heard on leaked tape with Michael Cohen discussing payments

Trump heard on leaked tape with Michael Cohen discussing payments

A lawyer for Cohen, Lanny Davis, released the recording of Trump and Cohen discussing paying for the rights to a Playboy model's story about an alleged affair with Trump and it aired on CNN on Tuesday Night. She told Anderson Cooper that she believed National Enquirer's purchasing of the story was a favor for Mr. Trump in the last few months of the presidential election. She says she had an affair with Mr. Trump more than a decade ago, which the president denies.

Lanny Davis, who represents Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen, provided the tape to CNN on Tuesday. Among them are a New York Times request to unseal Trump's divorce records related to his first wife Ivana.

As the first former federal prosecutor put it, "The way Cohen has behaved in general on Twitter and other things, they sort of know what they're getting with him, and if he had compelling evidence of crimes by Donald Trump, they could put a lot of their qualms aside about how he carries on". "We might need to think long and hard about what sort of offer we might make to him, '" said Michael Zeldin, a former assistant to Robert Mueller and a CNN legal analyst. Giuliani says that shows Mr. Trump was trying to be above board.

CNN obtained the tape of the Cohen-Trump conversation about Karen McDougal.

At least 12 audio files have been handed to the United States government as part of the cache of material seized from Donald Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen, according to a new court filing. The other recordings are of conversations in which Cohen mentions the president to someone else, Giuliani said.

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The recording was made just two months before the presidential election.

"Denials and tweets in all caps do not make campaign finance violations go away", said Karen Hobert Flynn, president of Common Cause. It was turned over to federal prosecutors last Friday, according to a filing in federal court in Manhattan on Monday. "It involves the discussion of how this corporation that was being set up to supposedly buy back any potentially damaging stories about Trump would pay for any such properties".

The audio recording isn't clear, so it's hard to tell if the president is asking Cohen to pay in cash or not pay in cash. In the weeks before the election, AMI purchased the rights to McDougal's account of the alleged affair for $150,000, but never published the allegations.

Cohen replies, "We'll have to pay".

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