Twitter reacts to massive brawl in Australia vs. Philippines

Twitter reacts to massive brawl in Australia vs. Philippines

Twitter reacts to massive brawl in Australia vs. Philippines

"I hope Fiba bans the Filipino federation for a year!"

"Hours later and my blood is still boiling".

If not for Boomers assistant coach Luc Longley performing a vintage ruck clean out, the situation could have had far worse consequences.

"All the players are shaken up and Chris [Goulding] in particular".

"He is (OK)", Moldovan said.

Stunningly, the game was continued roughly half an hour after the fracas, but the home side only managed to put three players on the court.

Gilas members claimed that Boomers big man Daniel Kickert was hitting opposing players during the pregame warm-ups, starting a series of events that led to the fight.

According to the Australian Daily Telegraph, 13 players in total were ejected from the game - nine from the Philippines and four from Australia. That would leave only 8 players left to finish the game as a 3 on 5.

Basketball Australia Chief Executive Anthony Moore said the team would depart the Philippines on Tuesday morning instead of later in the day as planned.

"We deeply regret the incident that occurred last night and our role in it", Moore said.

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Both basketball organisations are awaiting penalties for the brawl.

For those who don't believe basketball can be a violent sport, allow us to introduce you to the global game.

Social media users, whether basketball fans, media or former players, had a wide range of reactions to the madness.

The absurd clash was caught on camera and beamed live around the world by sports broadcasters, with players in Australia shocked as Kickert was seen being chased around the court by fed-up Filipino players.

The soccer World Cup isn't the only global sport tournament out there: there's also the 2019 basketball World Cup coming up.

In a statement after the game, Basketball Australia confirmed all of the players involved are "safe and well".

For the Boomers, suspensions to Kickert and Maker will hurt.

For the most part, Australia, which features National Basketball Association players Thon Maker and Matthew Dellavedova, did a good job staying on its bench, as seen in the first video.

Following the conclusion of the game, FIBA was quick to announce the start of an investigation and disciplinary proceedings against both teams.

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