Up to 15 unborn babies at risk after halted medical test

Up to 15 unborn babies at risk after halted medical test

Up to 15 unborn babies at risk after halted medical test

In spite of the trial's cancellation, around a dozen women are still waiting to see how the drug could affect their pregnancy, and are being closely monitored.

Some of the drug probably reached the fetus before birth, where it may have put dilating forces on the lung vessels, she says; that might have led to an increase of constricting signals from the fetus itself to prevent them from opening prematurely.

The Dutch study began in 2015 and involved 183 women.

Researchers recommend at this stage that no one takes the drug to aid the development of unborn babies.

A team led by Kenneth Lim at the University of British Columbia is part of an global research effort looking at the effectiveness of sildenafil, the generic name of Viagra, in treating women with a condition called early-onset intrauterine growth restriction. Nine babies across the two groups developed the lung disease, but did not die.

Researchers conducting a similar trial in Canada have been notified and have suspended their research. It was recently halted because there is a chance that the drug increased the chance that the babies may die.

Nineteen babies born to the women treated with the drug died, 11 of them due to the lung disorder.

Pammi said there are sure to be questions about whether and how sildenafil may have been responsible for the deaths and pulmonary issues in the Dutch study, which may involve looking closer at the dosage the mothers received, the timing and any differences in medical care the women receive in the Netherlands versus other countries.

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In the Queensland study, the drug was used over a significantly shorter time frame and for different reasons.

The outcome has been tragic in human tests carried out at several hospitals across the Netherlands by the Amsterdam University Medical Centre. None of these babies had developed the lung disease. In any case, they have temporarily stopped their research'.

Low birth weight contributes to 60% to 80% of neonatal deaths worldwide, according to the World Health Organization.

A spokesman for Amsterdam UMC said it believed the trial had been conducted properly, but would expect an external investigation to be launched.

All the pregnant women taking sildenafil for the trial had foetuses with severely limited growth, reports the Guardian. The doctors decided that the child would be better to stay and develop inside the mother. It is often prescribed to people with high blood pressure.

But last week the trial was terminated when an independent committee overseeing the research found that more babies than expected were being born with lung problems.

Huf-Germain said she did not recall being told of any risks to her child at the start of the trial, but such was the desperation of the women involved that few would have comprehended the possible consequences.

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