US supports larger Dutch role in NATO missions in Afghanistan, Lithuania

US supports larger Dutch role in NATO missions in Afghanistan, Lithuania

US supports larger Dutch role in NATO missions in Afghanistan, Lithuania

Trump made the comments while seated next to Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte, as the two prepared to hold a meeting in the Oval Office. Trump responded with reference to his auto tariff. Everything is going great and then everything suddenly started not going great, as pretty much everyone could have expected, because Donald Trump during this meeting, during the time when they're both sitting in their chairs and you have the media all around them, taking the pictures and asking questions, Trump starts to talk about tariffs, right?

The Netherlands is part of the European Union, which has been involved in a trade dispute with Trump over the automobile imports.

However, on the issue of trade Rutte said the United States risked destabilising transatlantic relations by setting punitive tariffs. "We have to work something out". Trump said, talking on behalf of his Dutch counterpart.

Shaking his head politely with laughter, Rutte shut down Trump with one simple word, "No". "We are allies. We have always been friends, always been friendly, working closely together". "We have to work something out".

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Trump again denied plans to withdraw the USA from the WTO but told reporters in the Oval Office that the trade organization needed to change its ways.

United States allies are upset with Trump after he imposed a 25 percent tariff on imported steel and a 10 percent tariff on aluminum.

In May, Trump commissioned an investigation by the Commerce Department into the state of automobile imports into the US, prompting European Union leaders to send Trump an 11-page document last Friday (June 29) threatening to levy taxes on $290 billion in USA goods. In March, the Dutch leader told reporters that Trump's decision to impose a global steel and aluminum tax was "very disappointing", adding that the European Union had "to make clear we are prepared to take countermeasures".

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