California firefighters prepare for new flames as deadly wildfires blaze on

California firefighters prepare for new flames as deadly wildfires blaze on

California firefighters prepare for new flames as deadly wildfires blaze on

The Mendocino Complex Fire is much larger than the Carr Fire, now 229,006 acres in size.

The blaze has destroyed 68 homes and forced thousands to flee its path.

This year the California wildfire season is more destructive than in years past, burning about 290,000 acres (117,300 hectares), more than 2X the 5-year average over that same frame, according to CalFire. The weather conditions were reportedly fueling the flames with wind and high temperatures against the dry brush.

The Mendocino Complex Fire is now the state's largest fire at more than 67% the size of the City of Los Angeles and has forced the evacuation of almost 16,000 residents and destroyed more than 100 structures.

"This is a particularly risky situation with extremely low humidity and high winds". It was 34 percent contained. At this time past year the state had seen 3,440 fires.

Crews battling deadly Northern California wildfires braced for a weekend of windy, hot weather that could drive the flames into new areas and threaten more homes. The severity of this year's fires has prompted California Gov.

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"It's not good firefighting weather", Anderson said.

However, some days-old evacuations were lifted Friday in an area near Redding, where armies of firefighters and fleets of aircraft have been battling an vast blaze about 100 miles south of the OR line.

In total, 14 states are now reporting large fires.

The fire near Redding, which killed six people and incinerated 1,067 homes, started two weeks ago with sparks from the steel wheel of a towed-trailer's flat tire, Department of Agriculture and Fire Precention officials said. The twirling tower of flame reached speeds of 143 miles per hour, which rivaled some of the most destructive Midwest tornados, National Weather Service meteorologist Duane Dykema said. The whirl uprooted trees and tore roofs from homes, Dykema said.

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said the blaze had blackened almost 206 square miles.

This year, California wildfires have burned more land earlier in the fire season than usual, Cal Fire director Ken Pimlott said during a news conference on Saturday.

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