NASA ready for trip to the sun

NASA ready for trip to the sun

NASA ready for trip to the sun

A LEARNING OPPORTUNITY. Ultimately, the more we can learn about the Sun, the better.

Why is it so hard? It screams past Earth at a million miles per hour, and disturbances can cause disruptive space weather that impacts our planet. On Earth, this speed would enable someone to get from Philadelphia to Washington in one second, the agency said. We use Venus to give us a gravity assist, if I can have that Venus thing. On Saturday, August 11, NASA will launch its Parker Solar Probe from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

"Stay tuned - Parker is about to take flight", NASA announced today in a news release, which summarized the solar probe's mission and the eight year-long effort it took to finally see it soar to the heavens.

Look for Facebook Live events throughout Friday from the Kennedy Space Center sharing a behind the scenes look at preparing for this and future missions.

Icola Fox, Parker Space Solar Probe Project scientist said, "Why this atmosphere is continually expanding and continually accelerating away from the star".

Understanding how the Sun's atmosphere then flows through the solar system, called space weather, is extremely important because it can have dramatic effects on communications, power and other essential technologies that the U.S. Navy fleet relies on, said Howard. That's 10 times closer than Mercury's orbit and 7 times closer than the current record holders, the Helios probes that were launched in the mid 70's. About the size of a small vehicle, it weighs a mere 1,400 pounds.

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The probe is created to fly through the outermost part of the sun's atmosphere.

NASA's Parker Solar Probe will be the first spacecraft to "touch" the sun, hurtling through the sizzling solar atmosphere and coming within just 6 million kilometres of the surface.

According to Nicola fox from johns Hopkins university who is responsible for the project initiation said that this will be the hottest and hardest missions ever done to a star within the solar system. "Each time we fly by we get closer and closer to the Sun". The probe, which is described as the size of a small vehicle, features a 4.5-inch thick carbon fiber and foam shield that will help protect the spacecraft from the Sun's intense heat. And it is like never before; thanks to its revolutionary heat shield which is capable of withstanding 1,370 degrees Celsius.

It's not a journey that any human can make, so NASA is sending a fully autonomous probe closer to the sun than any spacecraft has ever reached. During this mission, he will measure and study the movement of high energy particles near the sun. Solar physicist Eugene Parker first predicted the existence of this stream of high-energy particles, known as the solar wind, 60 years ago. In May, NASA confirmed that, over a seven-week period a total of 1,137,202 names were submitted. It's expected to make the first Venus pass at the end of September.

Since the mission was named in his honor past year, NASA has offered Parker special behind-the-scenes access to the spacecraft carrying his name. And while Dr. Parker is a mite frail, he still made a special trip last October.

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