Statement from NCAA leaders on college basketball reforms

Statement from NCAA leaders on college basketball reforms

Statement from NCAA leaders on college basketball reforms

The NCAA's rule changes include allowing players to work with an agent while declaring for the National Basketball Association draft. The announcement that USA Basketball would determine which players would be permitted to hire agents apparently "blindsided" both that organization, who are not viewed as prepared to handle such a responsibility. That relationship must end if the player decides to go to college. Previously, players could declare for the draft, and attend the NBA Scouting Combine, but had to withdraw their name from the draft no more than 10 days after the combine to retain eligibility.

Now, players can go through the draft and have the ability to return to school if they go undrafted, as long as they inform the school's athletic director by 5 p.m. the Monday after the draft. These changes will also make the NCAA investigations and infractions process more efficient, setting stronger penalties for schools or individuals who violate NCAA rules to deter future violations and bringing independent investigators to the table to make decisions and enforce rules. Athletes can also take five beyond October 15 after their high school graduation.

Missing in the NCAA's package of rule changes is anything to do with pay for players, a wish from many in the college sports community and the inspiration for a multitude of opinion pieces over the years. The NCAA would establish a fund to help schools that financially would struggle to meet this requirement.

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Rice said the vast majority of schools play by the rules but a "win at all cost" approach by others who have been inadequately punished must be changed.

Several NBA officials were surprised over the presumptive and premature nature of the NCAA's rules changes, which assumed that the NBA and NBPA will abandon the one-and-done college rule and allow high school players into the NBA draft.

The changes also allow the NCAA to accept during investigations outside information that has been "established by another administrative body or a commission authorized by a school".

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