"Stop Witch Hunt Right Now": Donald Trump As Russia Probe Begins

"Stop Witch Hunt Right Now": Donald Trump As Russia Probe Begins

The White House pushed back Wednesday on the notion that President Donald Trump obstructed justice with a morning tweet saying Attorney General Jeff Sessions should "stop" the Justice Department's Russian Federation election meddling probe "right now".

After Trump on Wednesday tweeted that Sessions should shut down Mueller's probe, even though the attorney general had recused himself from the matter, the president's lawyers insisted he was just stating an opinion and not issuing an order.

With Sessions' removal from the Russian Federation probe, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein assumed oversight of the investigation and named Mueller to lead it after Trump in May 2017 fired James Comey, who as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, was at the time heading the agency's Russian Federation probe.

But Sherman reports that Trump was serious about the apparent command and that he's considering firing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who oversees the Mueller probe due to Sessions' recusal.

The White House briefing opened with Coats, FBI Director Christopher Wray, Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, National Security Agency Director Gen. Paul Nakasone and National Security Advisor Ambassador John Bolton commenting on current administration efforts to secure the midterm elections.

"Their attempt to claim obstruction by tweet is really a freakish and novel theory", he said. "This is a threat we need to take extremely seriously".

Some have suggested that the prosecution of Manafort is going forward because Special Counsel Robert Mueller wants him to provide evidence against the president. Trump also said he "can be more presidential than any president in history, except for maybe Abe Lincoln with the big hat", and proclaimed that if not for his campaign, people wouldn't be able to say "Merry Christmas" in public.

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In a rare moment of complete agreement for the US' two biggest intelligence agencies, both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and CIA come to the conclusion that the Russian Federation government sought to influence the U.S. election by promoting unfavorable coverage of Hillary Clinton.

President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with inner city pastors in the Cabinet Room of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2018.

Stewart also said that America's adversaries, including Russian Federation and China, will never be able to defeat America directly.

Seeking to distance himself from his ex-campaign chairman, Trump said, "He worked for me for a very short time". Trump has publicly expressed a desire to be interviewed, but his lawyers have repeatedly objected to the investigators' proposals. "These old charges have nothing to do with Collusion - a Hoax!" he tweeted. "At the end of the day what we have to rely on is the intelligence and good will of the people to be able to self-filter, and for them to be able to see hopefully that some of these things are meant to be divisive".

There is now an investigation into the possible collusion between Trump's campaign and Russian Federation during the 2016 election, which is led by Robert Mueller.

But Trump's early morning tweetstorm again raised the specter that he could try to more directly bring special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia-Trump election-collusion probe to a premature end.

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