Africans love my wife - Donald Trump

Africans love my wife - Donald Trump

Africans love my wife - Donald Trump

Regardless of the controversy surrounding the Trump administration and Melania Trump's extended family, her communications director Stephanie Grisham told the New York Times that this happier Melania Trump is simply the first lady she knows.

During the safari trip, the first lady spent time with a herd of elephants and fed a baby elephant formula at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust elephant orphanage.

The U.S. first lady arrived at Nairobi National Park on Friday to learn about steps the east African nation is taking to conserve elephants and rhinos. She had opened the Kenya portion of her visit by feeding baby elephants at Nairobi National Park and going on a safari.

First lady Melania Trump observes zebras during a safari at Nairobi National Park in Kenya.

The first lady learned about the facility and the circumstances surrounding the children.

While in Africa, Trump has gone into nearly no specifics about her visit, except to say that she has hoped to learn more about life in Africa and to promote her child-focused "Be Best" platform.

"Do you see the cameras?" she said to the boy before cradling another baby.

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Later during a visit at the USA embassy in Malawi, the first lady called her visit to the school an "amazing experience".

Egypt marked her final stop on her tour of the continent which focuses on child welfare, education, tourism and conservation. She was treated to a welcoming ceremony and met children and their carers at a nearby child health facility.

In one widely shared photograph, Donald Trump Jr poses with a knife in one hand and an elephant tail in the other, the animal's corpse beside him.

She then made a brief stop in Malawi where she toured a primary school.

But on social media, the angry tweets and hashtags about the helmet rolled in: #FLOTUSinAfricaBingo documented what some felt were Trump's tone-deaf fashion choices.

United States First Lady Melania Trump on Friday morning began her activities in Kenya after jetting in from Malawi on Thursday night.

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