Intel claims Core i9 9900K is the "best gaming processor"

Intel claims Core i9 9900K is the

Intel claims Core i9 9900K is the "best gaming processor"

Intel today officially announced the first round of 9 generation Core processors, and given all the leaks that have occurred over the past few months, there weren't too many surprises. Some users have taken to ripping off the IHS, a process known as delidding, to replace Intel's thermal interface material with liquid metal for better temps. All three chips are available to pre-order today, with prices going from $262 to $488. That might not seem that impressive when the Core i9-9900K can hit 5GHz. It features a base clock of 3.6GHz and a boost clock of 4.9GHz.

Intel also learned from some of its earlier mistakes and has chose to use soldered thermal interface material (STIM) on these three 9th generation Core CPUs, which should provide increased thermal conductivity between the CPU and the IHS, provide better heat dissipation, and make the de-lidding unnecessary. It still retains the 95W TDP, works at 3.6GHz base and 5.0GHz Turbo clock, and has 2MB of L2 per core (for a total of 16MB). All three of these processors will apparently work on all Z300-series motherboards, so those who bought into Z370 previous year will be able to drop a new CPU in after a BIOS update.

As previously rumored, the Core i9-9900K supports Hyper Threading while the Core i7-9700K does not. When it comes to video production, these new CPUs are up to 41% faster in Adobe Premiere compared to the previous generation. The Core i5-9600K sports six cores paired with six threads and has a base clock speed of 3.7GHz, which can be boosted up to 4.6GHz.

The platform supports six channels of DDR4-2666 memory with a maximum capacity of 512GB and offers 68 PCIe lanes.

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Core i9-9980XE: 18C/36T, 3.0/4.4GHz base/boost, 165W TDP, $1,979 MSRP.

A 28-core Xeon was also announced. The product will begin shipping in December, but as yet there is no word on pricing.

All of these new 9th Gen processors have hardware mitigation against Meltdown Variant 3, the security bug that we heard so much about back in January.

You can preorder the new chips now and Intel will start delivering them on October 19. Intel's 9th Gen Core-X series and K-series also finally switch from TIM to Solder, which should help with thermals quite a bit. Are any of you thinking about upgrading?

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