Mocked by Trump as 'Pocahontas', US Senator Warren releases DNA result

Mocked by Trump as 'Pocahontas', US Senator Warren releases DNA result

Mocked by Trump as 'Pocahontas', US Senator Warren releases DNA result

The Globe ran a front-page story that shows Warren statistically is about as Native American as any American of European ancestry you'd pull off the street at random. Warren is shown nodding.

Trump, who refers to Warren as "Pocahontas" and seemed to previously offer a million dollars to charity if she were to prove that lineage via DNA test, when asked about it said, "who cares?". A spokesman for Harvard Law School cited Warren's ancestry in order to tout the faculty's diversity in an interview with the university newspaper, the Boston Globe reported at the time.

According to the report, "the great majority of (Warren's) identifiable ancestry is European". According to the document, "the results strongly support the existence of an unadmixed Native American ancestor in the individual's pedigree, likely in the range of 6-10 generations ago".

Warren pounced on Trump's evasion, splicing together footage of his comments Monday with his remarks at the rally in July.

With that in mind, we thought we'd make a few suggestions for Trump's donation.

"He's talking about stuff he doesn't have any idea about", Mark Herring, Warren's nephew, says in the video. Raff, with the University of Kansas, said about Warren's DNA test results.

"I should've claimed to have been Native American, maybe I could've gotten into Harvard", he said, adding that the exercise reveals "how absurd this identity politics is". In any case, Elizabeth Warren's most elaborate deception is not her attempt to portray herself as a Native American. "Warren is undermining tribal interests with her continued claims of tribal heritage".

In September, Warren released personnel files from her appointments at various law schools in the hopes of answering questions about whether she benefited from her Native American ancestry in hiring.

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The information is unlikely to dissuade the President from continuing to zero in on the controversy surrounding Warren's background.

President Donald Trump is denying he offered $1 million for Sen.

Warren has since asked Trump to donate to the National Indigenous Women's Resource Center, whose mission is to "enhance the safety of Native women and their children".

Along with the test results Monday, the senator's re-election campaign released a video featuring members of Warren's family talking about their history and reacting to Trump's taunts.

"I didn't say that".

Trump jumped in again, saying "no I didn't say that, you better read it again".

"Let's say I'm debating Pocahontas", he said at a rally.

"I hope she's running for president", Trump told reporters on Monday, "'cause I think she'd be very easy". She's expected to easily win her reelection to the Senate this November, and has said she'll take a "hard look" at the presidency after the midterms. "Warren has far less than one percent Native American ancestry, and that her genetic makeup is perhaps similar to that of the average white person in the U.S".

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