President Trump mocks Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony

President Trump mocks Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony

President Trump mocks Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony

Three Republican senators likely hold in their hands Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court following last week's dramatic hearing into the allegation by Christine Blasey Ford of a decades-old sexual assault.

Kavanaugh's allies say Democrats are raising issues of character because they know the Federal Bureau of Investigation will not be able to prove allegations of sexual assault.

"It should all be investigated", Swalwell said. Kavanaugh testified. What did we learn?

Flake has previously said that his vote depends on the results of the FBI's investigation and has declined to speculate on whether he would be comfortable voting on Kavanaugh if the probe is not yet completed. One of his most vociferous supporters, South Carolina Republican Sen. The official revealed the private conversations only on condition of anonymity.

And Sen. Angus King, an independent from Maine who caucuses with Democrats, said on "New Day" that Trump's comments "made me feel sort of sick".

"I don't know what Brett was doing in the melee, but there was blood, there was glass, there was beer and there was some shouting, and then the police showed up", Ludington added.

Senators are preparing to vote on Kavanaugh as soon as this weekend - and prepared for it to be a close. "That's one of the very, very bad things that's taking place right now".

In a sign of their hardening stance, Republicans began to aim the credibility questions at Ford. "Well, do you think it was - nope, it was one beer", Trump said at a campaign rally in MS, questioning what Ford told the Senate Judiciary Committee during testimony last week.

What she's said: "It is reassuring to the public", Collins told The New York Times over the weekend.

The senator said he is requesting the recordings because the committee has obtained a letter that "raises specific concerns" about the reliability of Ford's polygraph test.

"A man's life is shattered", he said of Kavanaugh after making fun of Ford's testimony.

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She told senators last week that she didn't talk about the assault with anyone until she was in couples therapy in 2012, and again in individual therapy in 2013.

A representative of Ford's legal team had no immediate comment.

Tensions running high on Capitol Hill as senators await FBI's background investigation of Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh; chief congressional correspondent Mike Emanuel reports.

At a White House briefing, Trump's spokeswoman Sarah Sanders defended his remarks in MS and said he was not concerned the comments may have endangered the votes of key senators.

President Trump reiterated his support for Mr Kavanaugh on Tuesday, saying he believed the Senate would approve the judge.

"It's a very scary time for young men in America when you can be guilty of something you may not be guilty of".

The two asked him to look them in their eyes and they said voting for Kavanaugh "is allowing someone who actually violated a woman to sit on the Supreme Court". But they also continue blasting Feinstein and other Democrats for how they have handled the accusations - and treated the accuser. Smyth and Leland Keyser. If that's a bit surprising, remember that those allegations has significant issues from the start - especially Ramirez' admission that she didn't settle on Kavanaugh as the perp until six days of consultation with a Democrat attorney a few weeks ago. Avenatti also represents adult-film actress Stormy Daniels in her claim that Trump paid her for silence about an alleged 2006 affair.

Mitchell also pointed out that Ford has a history of struggling to name Kavanaugh as her attacker.

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FILE - In this September 4, 2018 photo, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, listens to Sen. "You're not helping", Graham said at the Atlantic Festival in Washington.

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