Tom Hardy's New Marvel Film 'Venom' Is Almost Universally Panned By Critics

Tom Hardy's New Marvel Film 'Venom' Is Almost Universally Panned By Critics

Tom Hardy's New Marvel Film 'Venom' Is Almost Universally Panned By Critics

As such, fans are always keen to see what the initial RT score for their most anticipated movies is.

The Playlist's Rodrigo Perez pulled no punches, describing director Ruben Fleischer's work as "hacky incoherence" before doubling down on just how much the film, well, stinks.

Carnage is a far more unsafe symbiote than Venom in large part because its host is already an accomplished criminal before they bond.

Yes, Venom in fact is chiefly based on two popular Marvel comic books. "It's noncommittally mediocre and, as a result, forgettable".

This isn't a Joker situation, where we're rolling our eyes at the very idea of it (even if we still can't look away), nor is it a situation where we're enthusiastic about the potential of something different and a bit unconventional, like with Guardians of the Galaxy, Deadpool, or even the upcoming Aquaman. In making the story palatable to kids, he also sanitizes it of its angst, its elemental cry for short, everything that makes Venom Venom. With Disney sitting this one out - its next film is next spring's Captain Marvel - and Warner gearing up for Aquaman's Christmas release, the real battle for the universe would seem to be between studio titans, not alien beasties. Armitage also found fault with the film's pacing, which he felt was slow-as-molasses to start.

Haven't we seen Venom before though?

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Variety's Owen Gleiberman anxious in his review that Venom might end up being a "franchise kickoff that doesn't fully attain franchise liftoff", leaving Sony with a ton of work to do in crafting its planned Venom sequel. Even some comic book nerds barely knew who the Guardians of the Galaxy were before the 2014 movie. "Make no mistake: The effects can be dazzling".

The $65 million opening is in line with the first Amazing Spider-Man movie ($62 million); Amazing Spider-Man 2 came in at $91.6 million. "But to what end?"

Harrelson himself recently dropped some hints about his likely appearance as Carnage in the possible upcoming Venom sequels. The film careens back and forth between buddy comedy and proto-apocalyptic science fiction in such a ham-handed manner that it feels as though large chunks of connective tissue are missing.

"Hardy's Brock is composed of weird facial tics, squeaky vocal inflections, and hunched body language". The actual angle of the piece and the outlet that commissioned it are never revealed, but that doesn't stop the guard from running down a list of intimidating Silence of the Lambs style rules Eddie has to follow upon conducting his interview, as if he's Clarice Starling about to meet Hannibal Lecter for the first time. Eddie roars around on his motorbike, like Meat Loaf in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, reporting on how the Little Guy is being put down by The Man.

Perhaps the most solid performance in the film is delivered by Ahmed, whose Carlton Drake embodies the kind of megalomaniacal hubris required of a billionaire who believes that his solutions are the only solutions to the world's woes. It's hard to resist being charmed by this character and Hardy's freewheeling performance as the symbiote's initially unwilling host.

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