Trump Aims to Model New Trade Deals on Revised Nafta

Trump Aims to Model New Trade Deals on Revised Nafta

Trump Aims to Model New Trade Deals on Revised Nafta

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tried to calm anxious dairy farmers on Thursday, assuring them the government will find a way to compensate them for market losses under a proposed trade deal with the United States and Mexico.

Trump said he would sign the final agreement in late November, in about 60 days, and the pact is expected to be signed by Trudeau and outgoing Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto before he leaves office December 1.

The new agreement would end the discriminatory pricing and restrict Canadian exports of dairy powders. "Canada's closed and supply-controlled system had embarked on a program that essentially dumped milk proteins on world markets and moved American dairy farming and processing jobs, along with thousands of additional high-quality jobs, from the Canada".

The heads of Americans for Prosperity, Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce and the LIBRE Initiative also called on Mr. Trump to immediately eliminate steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada and Mexico, and to abandon consideration of new tariffs on auto parts, in light of the new trade agreement.

David Taylor, chairman of the board of the B.C. Dairy Association and B.C.'s representative with the Dairy Farmers of Canada, said when he heard the news, he was angry and disappointed. "We were dragged into it and we dealt with it the best we could", said Jean Charest, a former Quebec premier.

The so-called U.S. -Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) will widen foreign access to the domestic dairy market by about 3.6 per cent, according to analysts, higher than the 3.25 per cent that was conceded by Canada under the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). China's tariffs are on United States soy, corn, cars, motorbikes and other products.

Tracey Ramsey, a legislator for Canada's left-leaning New Democrats, said in the House of Commons on Tuesday that the clause was "astonishing" and a "severe restriction on Canadian independence".

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The meat of the accord centered on changes that would benefit a handful of major US industries - oil companies, dairy farmers and pharmaceutical companies - possibly at the expense of consumers.

Wenweipo, a pro-Beijing newspaper based in Hong Kong, ran an article on October 2, titled, "Canada and the U.S. Got What They Need and Mexico is the Loser", arguing that the terms of the new agreement were akin to concessions that would hurt Mexico's economy.

Like other United States trade agreements, NAFTA allowed multinational companies to go to private tribunals to challenge national laws they said discriminated against them and violated the terms of the trade agreement.

"The clause achieves a key policy imperative for the USA; namely, shutting China's backdoor to North America through Canada and Mexico", Ujczo said. "When this improved agreement is implemented, North American trade will be preserved and modernized for the 21st century, just as we set out to do".

"This deadline was real", according to a senior USA official.

"We are sending China a message, and I hope they are listening", he said. American dairy farmers have also complained about Canadian policies that priced the USA out of the market for some dairy powders and allowed Canada to flood world markets with its own versions. But he said it was more of an American political statement aimed at China than a real effort to undermine Canada's sovereignty. Alabama automakers have rebuilt our state economy over the past 20 years, but this agreement could potentially wind up incentivizing them to shift production outside of North America.

"For both Canada and Mexico, we have a reason to think an FTA [free trade agreement] with China is a possibility". That if he talks tough enough, threatens tariffs and imposes tariffs, he can walk away with a deal that he likes.

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