Trump doubles down on baseless claim that Kavanaugh protesters are "paid"

Trump doubles down on baseless claim that Kavanaugh protesters are

Trump doubles down on baseless claim that Kavanaugh protesters are "paid"

Last week, two women who said they were sexual assault victims confronted Senator Jeff Flake, the Arizona Republican, in a Senate elevator shortly before the Judiciary Committee was set to vote on advancing Kavanaugh's nomination.

Saturday at 9.08am, Trump tweeted what appeared to be a message directed at senators, stating that there are women who support Kavanaugh and that they're not 'paid professional protesters'.

US President Donald Trump on Friday accused protesters massing in Washington against the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of being "paid professionals" funded by billionaire investor and liberal donor George Soros.

"The very rude elevator screamers are paid professionals only looking to make Senators look bad", he alleged. "Don't fall for it!"

"Also, look at all of the professionally made identical signs". Paid for by Soros and others. Jeff Flake is believed to have been what spurred him on to call for an Federal Bureau of Investigation probe into allegations that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted Dr. Christine Blasey Ford while they were both teenagers.

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Saturday's vote will be the culmination of the divisive events of Kavanaugh's nomination.

The wafer-thin Republican majority in the Senate made his vote crucial, but Flake said after the hearing that he was leaning towards supporting Kavanaugh - prompting the protest.

Malecki added that around 5:20 p.m., police responded to reports of more demonstrations in the Dirksen Senate Office Building and arrested nine more people for crowding, obstructing or incommoding.

The "screamers" Trump speaks of, Ana Maria Archila and Maria Gallagher, made a decision to take a trip to Flake's office on September 28 after they saw his statement of support for Kavanaugh, CBS News reported.

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